About Xpose Artworkz


Xpose Artworkz was established back in 2005. Originally as a Graphic Design Studio with over 25 years experience! Gradually using our skills and expertise’s we now create customised wooden, engraved and acrylic/Perspex laser cut materials using our large 900 x 1300mm Thunder Laser cutting machine.

With hubby in full time work and having 2 children and one on the way, as a stay at home mother I had a big desire to follow my dreams and bring out my creative flair which would also help contribute to the finances and to lighten the load. I have always had the love for crafting and creating.

With my new found passion and hard work, trial and passion we decided to bite the bullet and purchase our first large laser cutting machine, my mind now can go wild with creating exciting new things that are unique and personalised.

Our brand and product is built on originality and we strive for perfection and being unique. Although our round wood signs have become one of main products we also offer any customised designs or master pieces you wish for us to create for you.


Thank you for checking out our website and we look forward to working with you.